A still-shot of an amaryllis. The red flower is a part of the visual identity of Matte PR.

Matte PR is about people — we are, after all, in the business of relating to the public. 

We aim to elevate diverse voices and find them ideal platforms to share their messages and stories. Essentially, we’re here to pass you the mic and turn on your spotlight. 

As an LGBTQ+ and women-led communications firm, we value representation from the inside out, and accordingly, we have a few boxes to check when scouting for new business opportunities.

Forces for good

Our team feels rewarded through watching the people we work with rise. Inspired entrepreneurs with meaningful messages to share are our bread and butter.

We find common ground with brands through shared values and a deep desire to bring a little good into the world, both of which are at the foundation of each of our partnerships. 

Matte PR is your trusted partner. Not only do we intimately understand your audience, but we get to know them too. Your motivation drives us. Your passion ignites us. Your successes are cause for office-wide celebration, and celebrate, we do!

The connections we share and the support we provide are fuelled by compassion — the cornerstone of Matte PR’s identity. 

Diverse voices

We stand for inclusivity. It can be found in everything we do. 

We are committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of those who don’t always get a seat at the table. At our table, consider your seat saved. 

By working with people from a wide range of backgrounds, circumstances, and industries, our goal is to create a well-rounded environment catering to everyone we conduct business with.

Perspective is everything.

Committed work ethic

Passion is the engine that keeps Matte PR moving forward. Our team is made up of individuals who deeply care about the work they do and the clients they do it for. We are dedicated to achieving the very best results for our clients. Hard work is our backbone and a fervour for success is our linchpin.

Likewise, our clients are equally passionate. Whatever it is they’re putting out into the world, they’re doing so wholeheartedly and with unmatched tenacity. 

Matte PR. For brands that are just a little bit different. 

Sound like a match? We’d love to meet you. Get in touch at newclients@mattepr.com.


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