AnnouncementInclusivity Advocate Malia Indigo Launches Networking Platform

Inclusivity Advocate Malia Indigo Launches Networking Platform

The Malia Indigo Corporation has launched a new online networking platform, Malia Indigo to connect global fashion professionals, and create an inclusive community both on and offline. Named as one of the GTA’s most innovative start-ups in 2018 by CBC’s Start-Up City, Malia Indigo gives under-represented professionals opportunities to network and engage. Facilitating offline engagement among the community, its upcoming panel discussion and fashion showcase, REPRESENTATION is taking place July 18 at First Canadian Place Gallery.

“Our message is simple: diversity exists in the real world and should be reflected in the fashion industry. Since launching Malia Indigo Corporation in 2016, we have expanded our scope from promoting universal body positivity to engaging with the broader industry. Our goal is to empower all embodiments, backgrounds and identities to make connections and build their brands,” says Josiane Laure Modjom, CEO, Malia Indigo Corporation. “REPRESENTATION will bring fashion professionals together with industry experts who will lead a meaningful conversation on intersecting identities in fashion. We want to facilitate an inclusive space for the fashion community to network, be seen and share ideas.”

How Malia Indigo works

The easy-to-use platform is free, and allows users to sign up as models, designers, media, photographers, make-up artists and more. Members can update their feeds, create and join groups, share events, and access other tools and resources. Malia Indigo aims to remove industry barriers and bridge the opportunity gap for all fashion professionals.

The genesis of Malia Indigo

Josiane Laure Modjom, a professional accountant and mother of two, started modelling using the name Malia Indigo. Modjom grew frustrated with the lack of representation and tools for plus-size models. To address this gap, she launched Malia Indigo Corporation in 2016 as an international directory for professionals in the plus-size fashion industry. Malia Indigo Corporation has produced three international fashion shows in Toronto and Paris creating visibility for under-represented models, designers, make-up artists, influencers, photographers and other industry professionals.

REPRESENTATION: A Conversation on Fashion and Intersectionality

Malia Indigo is hosting a panel discussion at First Canadian Place Gallery on July 18 at 6:00 p.m. This event will bring together fashion industry players in Toronto. It’s one of the many ways the platform is bolstering inclusivity and diversity in the fashion community while providing access, resources and tools to fashion professionals, both on and offline. Tickets are $35 at

Calling all fashion professionals! Sign up on Malia Indigo to be a part of the global fashion community. Be seen, make connections and build your brand! For fashion industry news, announcements and events follow Malia Indigo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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