Matte PRHow to use sponsored content as part of your PR strategy

How to use sponsored content as part of your PR strategy

With the right strategy in place, paid content placement can be an advantageous and cost-effective way to spread your brand’s message. With creative control, brands can share a message with target audiences in partnership with a publication of their choice.


Paid-for sponsored content resembles the publication’s editorial content and is intended to promote the brand’s key messages. Almost every publication producing editorial content offers this option, from specialized outlets to top-tier publications, such as the Globe and  Mail, with costs varying depending on the outlet. 


Creating these articles can happen in different ways. Sometimes, you may have content ready to share, whereas other times, you might need to create something new. Some publications prefer to gather details, draft the content for your review, while others wish to work with you to develop the final product.


Sponsoring content allows for the brand to have full control over the message, however, it should be remembered that content will need to follow the rules of the publication, such as word count, content inclusions, and image requirements. It is important to ensure that the piece remains newsworthy,  isn’t overly promotional and offers readers useful insights. 


Incorporating sponsored content into your brand’s marketing calendar can be a strategic move when presenting a targeted message to key audiences. Use sponsored content to highlight these key moments:


  • Before important talks: If you or someone from your company is speaking at an event, posting a sponsored article about what you’ll talk about can get people interested.
  • Breaking down big stories: Sometimes, stories are complicated. Sponsored content can help explain different parts of the story, making it easier to understand.
  • Sharing customer stories: Getting customers to talk about your product can be hard. But with sponsored content, you can control what’s said and where it shows up.
  • Starting something new: When you’re launching a product or making a big change in your business, sponsored content can create interest before it happens.
  • To target specific audiences: When you want to tell a story to a specific target audience, sponsored content can reach them faster, ensuring you share your message with the right people. 
  • Reviving old stories: Some stories are tough to get into regular news. Sponsored content can give the message new life in front of a larger audience. 


Sponsored content is a powerful way to tell stories and strengthen relationships with top media publications. Outlets that share these stories—like magazines or websites— increasingly seek monetary support from partners, especially in the growing era of ad-blocking. Sponsored content helps the people telling the story and the places sharing it.

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