InterviewQ&A with Matte PR’s Emily Black

Q&A with Matte PR’s Emily Black

2020 has been off to an exceptional start for Matte PR and part of the reason is this gal right here. Meet Emily Black, our new Digital Specialist from across the pond. With her focus on propelling the Hania Kuzbari Jewelry brand into the universe for all you luxury jewelry lovers, she’s bringing her experience from various arts + culture outlets to the table.

She’s giving us her take on how to conquer the digital landscape, what she’s picked up after living in Canada for a couple years and what she’s working on right now.

Take it away, Emily!

You’re from the UK! What were you doing back in London and what brings you to Toronto?

I am indeed! I moved to London in 2012 to study and went on to work in a variety of content creating roles for companies such as Dazed & Confused, i-D, Hearst Magazines and Amazon Fashion. I moved to Toronto at the beginning of 2018 as I was sick of the rat race and English politics (please don’t talk to me about Brexit). I love Toronto and to me it feels like a mini-London minus the rain, overcrowding and extortionate rent.

During your job search, what were some things you were looking for in a position? What drew you to Matte PR?

I was freelancing before coming to Matte PR and I was really ready to take on a full-time position in a role that was all-encompassing. I’m most creatively fulfilled when I am able to work on a diverse range of projects, and every day is fast paced and varied. I saw Matte PR’s Digital Specialist listing and saw the role covered a range of creative duties and allowed me to have a lot of ownership. I immediately liked the vibe of Matte PR and the people that work there (hi, Heidi, Wendy & Ellyssa!).

What are some fun projects you’re working on right now?

The best part about working for my main client, Hania Kuzbari Jewelry, is I’m involved in almost every aspect of the brand. Over the past few months, this has ranged from redesigning her website, shooting original content, creating graphics for social, copywriting and most recently, launching the brand’s four-month pop-up at Yorkville Village!

What are your top three pieces of advice to conquer the ~digital world~?

1) Know who you are. Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, stay true to your message and your identity.

2) Don’t be afraid to hype up your favourite people or accounts – they will most likely return the favour one day.

3) It’s not always about sales. Great content can drive business even if has nothing to do with price points and products. Having content that makes people laugh, think or be inspired is very important and helps build your brand identity.

What Instagram account are you loving right now?

One of my favourite accounts ever is @colourpalette.cinema. Almost all of the accounts I follow are fashion related, but this account is so creative and somewhat therapeutic. Lately, I’ve also been loving @knowthismind because I am always drawn to these mood board style accounts – every day I find something inspiring on its feed.

Name drop some fashion brands you think are killing it at content creation.         

Opening Ceremony has always been a cool brand but lately its content has been getting even more interesting, its shoots are so creative and unique. Marques Almeida is always putting out beautiful content continuously evolving yet is consistently true to its brand identity.

Qualifications aside, what crazy job do you wish you had?

A marine biologist! I have always loved swimming in the sea and I’m fascinated by sea life.

What are a few habits (good or bad) you’ve picked up in Canada after living here for two years?

Responding to almost everything with “true” (bad)
Using the term washroom instead of loo (good)
Using my accent to my advantage (sorry not sorry)

Emily Black

After-work special

Would we most likely find you de-stressing at a dive bar or art gallery?

This is hard because I’m definitely a bit of both. Monday – Wednesday you can find me at a gallery, Friday night I’m at the dive bar.


Shoes or handbags? 

Shoes, but only sneakers. I will only wear heels if forced.

Favourite Canadian Pastime

Eating poutine or watching the Raptors?

Let’s go, poutine, let’s go!

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