Matte PRGrowing Into The New Normal

Growing Into The New Normal

A message from Matte PR President and Founder, Heidi Ruggier.

We’ve hit the peak. Yesterday, the province outlined what Ontario’s reopening roadmap looks like. Hard to believe just a few weeks ago, it felt like the world was ending. While we’re still ways away from the normalcy we once knew, we are now faced with the challenge of returning to some semblance of it. Keep your eye on the horizon. 

Past pandemics teach us plagues can accelerate progress. For example, the Black Death epidemic is credited with ending feudalism, ushering in the enlightenment and ideals like liberty, toleration and constitutional government. The Spanish Flu led to massive improvements in public health. In the 80s/90s, LGBT people rose up in unprecedented ways because of the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS. 

So while we work through the process of re-establishing “normalcy”, leaders who are in-tune with post-Covid culture will be best positioned to emerge from this crisis stronger. 

This is not the time to count your losses. Past recessions have shown companies that avoid making abrupt cuts are best positioned to come out stronger. Similarly, if your business performed well during this time, you can’t rely on your gains. Plan how you’ll grow into this new normal. 

We are entering an era of a new frugality, and that’s not a bad thing. We can all agree, prior to the pandemic we had reached peak consumption. Values that were already bubbling to the surface will be amplified following this crisis. 

People will prioritize buying goods from companies refusing to engage with unsustainable practices. Pre-owned everything will be in demand. We’ll see a rise in products made of post-consumer waste. 

In the post-Covid era, creating a culture of transparency through communication will be more important than ever. As brands consider their go-forward posture, the takeaway from this crisis is to be helpful, relevant and compassionate. Treat your customers like a community and serve them like you’re working towards a common good. After all, we are all in this together.

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