Matte PRSassoon Salon and Academy presents DIGITAL BOHEMIA

Sassoon Salon and Academy presents DIGITAL BOHEMIA

The following is a compilation of photos from the AW2016 Collections UTOPIA and POETICA by Sassoon Salon and Academy. Together, the two become DIGITAL BOHEMIA.

UTOPIA: AW2016 Salon Collection

Inspired by the relationship we have with the digital age, fashion and the many creative visions of the future, the UTOPIA collection captures the optimism of the unknown by drawing on the 60-year brand heritage to create the ultimate hair designs in high definition.


Untitled design (14)

Three images together of women wearing grey shirts on a grey background. On the left is a blonde woman with a short blunt bob. In the centre is a woman with shoulder length brown hair. And on the right is an image of a woman with short, whispy blonde hair. All are a part of the DIGITAL BOHEMIA collection / AW2016 Salon Collection.

Untitled design (13)


POETICA: AW2016 Academy Collection

A futuristic bricolage of East meets West. Chinese cheong-sams, Japanese kimonos and Korean hanboks are combined with modern sportswear and utility fashion for new tribes of techno nomads, offbeat courtesans and virtual vagabonds.


Untitled design-4

Untitled design-5

Untitled design-8

Untitled design-9


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