InterviewSpeaking to Media | Victoria Christie, Digital Editor at House & Home

Speaking to Media | Victoria Christie, Digital Editor at House & Home

This next Canadian journalist in our Speaking to Media series is Victoria Christie, digital editor at House & Home magazine. A gal who can go from chatting beautiful interiors to opening up about the unorthodox, Victoria is writing to her heart’s content when it comes to lifestyle. Her freelance work can be found in some of the industry’s top beauty and fashion pubs, including FLARE, The Kit and Chatelaine.

We got to virtually chat with Victoria about her favourite design aesthetics, freelancing, and her noteworthy vagina painting. Read on!

You’re surrounded by pretty interiors on the daily as the digital editor for Canadian House & Home. What design aesthetic excites you the most right now?

It’s definitely one of the perks of the job — I’m constantly in awe of the design talent in our own backyard and abroad. One trend that we featured in our January/February issue called “Get Happy” immediately caught my eye. It’s all about letting your creativity run wild: quirky art, statement rugs, vibrant fabrics and a punchy palette. Why not spark joy in your home with this “more is more” style of decorating? Look to colourful bohemian designer Justina Blakeney for inspiration — she’s been mastering this look for years!

What’s your advice for PR professionals trying to get your attention to get their clients on

We’re always on the hunt for small spaces, budget-friendly makeovers and up-and-coming designers in and outside of Canada. We also have a #FollowingNow section where we feature content creators with beautiful spaces! When sending a pitch for a home tour, it’s important to provide as much information as possible, including before and after images. And let us know what makes this project different from the rest!

On top of your full-time role, you also freelance for major fashion and beauty publications. Tell us, what do you love writing about? Take a moment to brag about one of your favourite stories!

At the end of the day, I want to make a difference with my work. How can I inspire women to talk about issues that matter to them, no matter how taboo? (See the next question for more of that.) For example, one of my favourite stories was for The Kit about what it’s like to date as a sober woman. I also recently wrote about the future of sustainability in the sex toy industry for Toronto-based, female-owned sex shop Bonjibon. I learned so much!


Victoria Christie for The Kit

A lot of your freelance work centres around “unorthodox” themes (i.e. vaginal wellness and human connection through cuddle parties). Have you always been comfortable writing about taboo topics? Why do you think it’s important to normalize these conversations?

Did I ever think a painting of my vagina would end up in the Toronto Star? Definitely not! Is it going on my resumé? Duh! (Kidding… sort of.) I cherish first-person stories where the writer is completely raw and honest about their experiences. There’s a certain confidence and candidness that I aspire to have with my own work. During my internship at FLARE (as a baby journalist), I talked about never shaving my leg hairwhy we don’t need pineapple juice to make our vaginas taste better and learning to love my “Jewish” nose. If my vulnerability can help at least one person feel seen, then I’ve done my job. It’s important to talk these “taboo topics” until they’re not taboo anymore.

How do you typically stay informed? Feel free to name drop your fave writers or publications.

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but reading what my favourite publications are writing about keeps me informed. I still get FASHION and Cosmopolitan in the mail — there’s nothing like flipping through a magazine IRL (that, a face mask and being in bed by 10 p.m. is my Sunday ritual). Every day, I check Refinery29 CanadaFASHIONThe Kit and Elle Canada to catch up on the stories that matter to millennial and Gen Z women in Canada and beyond. I also scroll through Twitter to stay up-to-date with breaking news, since I mostly follow journalists.

As for the writers catching my eye: Kathleen Newman-Bremang, senior editor of Refinery29 Canada’s Unbothered vertical, is doing such important journalism. Her piece about systemic racism in Canadian media is an essential read. Meaghan Wray and I worked together at FLARE, and her Chatelaine story about sobriety really spoke to me. Last but certainly not least, Madelyn Chung, founder and editor-in-chief of The RepresentASIAN Project, is so inspiring. It’s wonderful to see her, as a journalist, and the platform she created (which now has 21K followers on Instagram alone) getting major recognition.

You’re a regular on TikTok! Any accounts we need to follow?

TikTok is such a fun app — and it’s been great to see more brands creating content in the space. It’s an amazing way to grow a following! Three creators that bring me joy are: @thehangedit for the most satisfying nail applications ever (before your next mani, check out her page), @bio.bele for aesthetically pleasing/super relaxing baking videos and the iconic @wisdm8 for endless fashion inspiration.

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