Social MediaSpeaking to Media | Natalie Michie, digital writer, FASHION Magazine

Speaking to Media | Natalie Michie, digital writer, FASHION Magazine

Next up in our Speaking to the Media series is Natalie Michie, freelance digital writer and content creator for FASHION Magazine. Natalie’s got you covered with everything trending, from the latest TikTok trends to the Red carpet and conversations with high profile celebrities like Lady Gaga, Vanessa Hudges, Nina Dobrev and Lana Condor to name just a few. Her work can also be found in ELLE Canada, CBC, Toronto Life and Chatelaine.

We’re excited to have Natalie a part of our Speaking to the Media series to learn more about her thoughts on rapid trends in the media, her personal style when it comes to her writing and wardrobe and what she looks for in a story.

As a multifaceted creative, how do you keep up with the ever-growing new media landscape?

I feel like TikTok is such a great tool for staying up to date with the way people are consuming media and talking about the world. There is a constant stream of discussion about any given topic on the app and that has been super helpful from a journalism perspective. Not only does it allow me to keep tabs on trending topics that inform my work, but it has also offered another facet of storytelling.

As a digital writer for FASHION, which designers do you find most exciting right now?

I get excited when designers advocate for inclusivity in their work. Aesthetically, I love seeing brands embrace colourful, maximalist, carefree designs. Three of my favourites are Collina Strada, Selkie and Chopova Lowena. There are so many amazing Canadian designers too, like Elisa Gentile, Mr. Haque and Dorian Who. 

You use your TikTok to analyze popular TV and film through the lens of fashion and aesthetics. What fashion trends have you recently seen emerge in these spaces?

In films and TV that highlight contemporary fashion and costuming, we’re seeing commentary on the real rapid trend cycle brought on by social media.
Lots of trendy shows today, like Euphoria and The White Lotus, have tapped into the Gen Z maximalist aesthetic in a cheeky way. 

Beyond that I’m interested in the ways that film and TV can strategically support or contradict a narrative by using aesthetics alone. It’s a really powerful method of adding another layer to storytelling, and it has given me a new perspective on the role fashion can play in the world.

An image of Natalie Michie at CAFA.

Natalie Michie at CAFA. (Photo via Natalie Michie).

How would you describe your personal style, both in your writing and fashion-wise?

When it comes to both writing and clothing, I would say my goal is always to be comfortable. I strive to make my writing fun and easy to read, while also having substance. When writing about trends specifically, I try to connect topics in fashion with larger cultural conversations like body inclusivity, feminism, accessibility, etc. Clothing-wise, I tend to opt for reliable basics that I can wear again and again, but I also love finding unique statement pieces at thrift stores!

What advice do you have for PR professionals trying to connect with you? What do you look for in a pitch?

Thanks for asking! As my writing is pretty tied to trending topics, I look for pitches that connect to the cultural zeitgeist — be it a popular TV show, a fashion trend, a topic that is dominating the social media discourse, etc. If someone has a sense of the angles I approach by reading my work and then contextualizing their pitch within a trending topic that feels true to my writing style, that’s always best.


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