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Sassoon Salon’s heritage dates back to 1954 when industry icon Vidal Sassoon opened his first salon at 108 Bond Street, London. Today, his brand of salons and academies spans from the U.K. to the U.S. to Canada.

Matte PR’s scope of work centred around collaboration with its European and U.S. marketing teams to execute its global marketing program in Canada. This included an influencer program, media relations, events support, social media content creation and YELP management.


In 2017, Matte PR managed and launched a Toronto-based Style Influencers program to share Sassoon’s seasonal collection, hair tips & tricks, and in-salon experiences with their audiences. The program amplified the brand through seasonal blog posts and regular social media content. Sassoon worked with local fashion/beauty influencers like Julio Reyes, Dani Goddard, Casie Stewart, Iva Grbesic, and Elise Purdon. This continued into 2018.



To maximize media attendance and coverage, Matte PR supported Sassoon with its annual A Night of Style event, including its 50th anniversary in 2018 – celebrating 50 years in Yorkville. In 2018, the salon paid homage to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with the box bob, halo, and five-point cut. Our scope of work included media relations to amplify the event, inviting media and influencers, managing photography, and coordinating beverage sponsorships.


A group of people at a Sassoon Salon and Academy event


Matte PR proactively worked with salon experts on all in-bound hair sponsorships and earned stories with celebrities, influencers, and media. We worked to create lasting relationships that go beyond just one hair appointment. From IG stories showing a major #hairmakeover to an in-depth Q&A with a stylist on the latest hair tips & tricks, our team let Sassoon’s expert stylists and skillsets do all the talking with us acting as expert media liaisons.

In 2018, Matte PR took over YELP channels for all salons and academies across North America, becoming the main customer contact and mediator for crisis management. Our team did an overhaul of the old channels. We revamped each one to maximize business capabilities on all pages creating a seamless customer experience. We actively updated hair collection albums, promoted the latest hair packages and handled all customer inquiries in collaboration with salon/academy leadership teams.


Sassoon Salon and Academy in Salon Magazine


Our entire PR program had a total reach of 13,926,116 in 2017 and positioned Sassoon’s creative team as trendsetters and industry experts.

Our efforts helped Sassoon secure coverage in numerous Canadian fashion and beauty publications, from influencer blogs to top-tier lifestyle magazines. Together with the Toronto salon, we were able to help initiate and build partnerships with industry, media and influencers who were all passionate about sharing their own unique #SassoonStyle. Brand mentions were garnered in outlets like FASHION, Elle Canada, Canadian Hairdresser and many more. Event collaborations include AMC’s TIFF Gifting Lounge, Toronto Fashion Week, Ryerson University’s Mass Exodus, and other industry events. With the help of our team, Yelp searches for Sassoon Salon Toronto increased by 42 percent during the program.


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