FashionMy Canadian Closet | Maya Fuhr

My Canadian Closet | Maya Fuhr

The Canadian fashion industry should be nurtured, supported and celebrated. It has never been more important to shop local from brands that are designing, manufacturing, and retailing close to home. Canada is home to some of the world’s most talented photographers, producers, filmmakers, stylists and designers, so we’re celebrating incredible talent born and bred right here that have put cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal on the style map.


Cue, My Canadian Closet, our shop local Q&A series interviewing some of our favourite creatives and discussing which Canadian designers have made an impact on their wardrobe.


This week’s Canadian creative is the iconic Toronto fashion photographer and visual artist, Maya Fuhr. Maya’s surrealist style and love of pastel has led her work to be featured in Vogue, PAPER, i-D, Dazed and Wonderland as well as being exhibited in the AGO and the Darren Gallery. She’s also shot global campaigns for Miu Miu x SSENSE, Marc Jacobs, Adidas and more. We spoke to the fashion-girl favourite about her must-wear Canadian brands.


Maya Fuhr for Dazed, Miu Miu x SSENSE and Marc JacobsMaya Fuhr’s shoots for Dazed, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu x SSENSE 


Which Canadian designers do you feel inspired by?

I feel inspired by Tyrell, Vejas, Dillea, Kathryn Bowen, Number Sixxteen, my sister’s very own Fuhr Co and also shops like second cousin and L’Oeuvre.


What is it that draws you to these designers?

They either focus on the feel of the fabric, sustainability or gender neutral clothing. They all encompass a world of their own that draws a community or story and not just consumption. I’m drawn to the love & care that all of these brands put into their worlds, and that I can pair the pieces with vintage!


Maya Fuhr wearing shop local brand Number Sixxteen x Kochetkov

Maya Fuhr wearing Number Sixxteen x Kochetkov


If you could pick one Canadian item in your wardrobe to talk about, which would it be?

I’d probably talk about my Markoo pants that have a pink vinyl/latex top and grey trouser bottoms. I got them custom made for my TV/web hosting of Permanent Collection – a shopping television show for artwork, directed by The Levett Bros. I’ve never seen pants like them and they have a really amazing memory attached to them.


Photographer Maya Fuhr wearing her custom shop local Markoo pants

Maya wearing her custom Markoo pants


How does this item make you feel when wearing it?

They make me feel like I’m an executive in New York in 1983, very strong & strictly business but secretly I’m going straight to the club when the office closes. There’s a versatility to them that I can appreciate, especially pre-covid when sometimes I’d get dressed in the morning to last until I got home at night after socializing. Business on the bottom & flirty on the top.


When do you like to wear this piece? Is it an everyday staple of yours or do you wear it on special occasions?

Usually just on special occasions.



Don’t forget to check out all of the talent featured in this blog and show them your support! Stay tuned for more Canadian creatives discussing their favourite local designers and if you haven’t already, read our last Q&A with Cherry Wang!

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