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How To Get A Job In PR

When aspiring PR pros begin the job search to kickstart their public relations careers, they’re bound to see postings requiring people who are quick thinking and highly adaptable to any situation. Still, there’s a lot more needed to have a substantial career in this PR industry. Job competition can be high, particularly when starting out.


With the industry projected to grow eight per cent from 2021 to 2031, landing a public relations internship can be a great way to begin your career. Here are some ways to stand out in the crowd and secure your first job in public relations.



Sharpen your writing skills

Strong writing skills are a must for a successful career in PR. At any time, apply the knowledge you gained in your public relations courses, such as drafting press releases, pitches, social media copy or blog content, all tailored to a specific brand’s tonality and style. Sharp, concise writing skills and imaginative creativity are essential to crafting unique angles and messages the audience will relate to. Use your public relations cover letter as an opportunity to showcase your writing skills and prepare a concise message to your employer highlighting why you are a fit for the job.


Educate yourself with PR internships

While a public relations degree can provide a wealth of knowledge, many agencies and employers are equally interested in highly motivated candidates with previous volunteer and work experience. Public relations courses are available online, where you can learn the basics of the industry and prepare yourself for volunteer opportunities. Internships are a great way to gain experience, learn about the industry, brand awareness and showcase your motivation and willingness to learn to potential employers. 


Read trusted publications

If you want to work in PR, you must understand the media landscape. Be prepared to pitch stories to the appropriate journalist and understand what pitches fit what publications. It’s crucial to stay on top of media trends to secure the best coverage for your clients. Each day, start by reading what is happening in top publications trusted by your region and nationally. When you’re interviewed by potential employers, your media knowledge will stand out.


Showcase creativity

A career in public relations can be demanding, but it can also be an excellent opportunity for unique thinking and outside-the-box perspectives. PR campaigns often require social media-worthy features or quirky messaging to capture audience attention, which makes creativity and originality highly sought-after by employers. Show off your creativity by crafting a unique way to deliver your portfolio or highlighting a noteworthy project to capture potential employers’ attention. 


You can take many steps to advance the PR industry, several of which can be done outside of a degree. Staying on top of the news and trends and taking advantage of PR-industry focused volunteer opportunities. A great way to learn new skills needed on the job and jumpstart your public relations career.

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