AnnouncementLetsStopAIDS updates its Peer (to Peer) Workshop Program to reflect new findings from its inaugural Sex Lives Report

LetsStopAIDS updates its Peer (to Peer) Workshop Program to reflect new findings from its inaugural Sex Lives Report

Engaging workshops facilitate knowledge exchange and provide access to relevant sexual health info.


In advance of Youth HIV Week, LetsStopAIDSis announcing the release of the latest update to its Peer (to Peer) Workshop Program to reflect new insights garnered from its inaugural Sex Lives Report, released July 2022. Its Peer (to Peer) Workshop Program delivers participatory and gamified sessions designed, developed and facilitated by passionate youth leaders focusing on sexual health and youth leadership. This Youth HIV Week, LetsStopAIDS is inviting educators to tap into Peer (to Peer) programming for youth and young adults. These sessions are delivered free of charge upon request.


Through the program, youth will learn how to navigate daily life situations concerning their sexual lives and relationships and how to make safer, healthier and informed sexual health choices. The program has been updated to address key findings uncovered by LetsStopAIDS, making it the most relevant sex-ed program for youth in Canada. It addresses youth not seeking treatment for STIs, using less protection, sending more nudes and facing more concerns with mental health. Youth can also strengthen their leadership skills by becoming Peer Educators for the program or advocates in their communities. They can meaningfully lead workshops and discuss evidence-based sexual health information with their peers.


“LetsStopAIDS’ Peer (to Peer) workshops are gamified and innovative, encouraging dialogue among youth through quizzes, skits, trivia, games and self-guided research. There is no education program like it in Canada, especially because it is youth-led and informed by our Sex Lives Survey data,” says Tatiana Goulart, national manager, LetsStopAIDS. “Our goal is to integrate basic sexual and health education into schools. By facilitating these workshops, we provide Canadian youth with tools to take on leadership roles within their communities.”


The charity continues creating space for knowledge exchange and discussions about sexual health, HIV prevention, stigma, harm reduction and more among youth by adopting the 5E experience model, a framework to promote a student-centred and inquiry-based learning process. 

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