AnnouncementLetsStopAIDS’ The Winning Seed Contest aims to drive innovation

LetsStopAIDS’ The Winning Seed Contest aims to drive innovation

The charity organization is calling on youth to submit their ideas for ending the HIV epidemic. The deadline to apply is March 20.


LetsStopAIDS’ is calling for submissions for The Winning Seed, a competition for youth aged 15-29 to secure support and seed funding for an HIV/AIDS-related advocacy idea. The application deadline for The Winning Seed is April 2 and the first 10 qualifying submissions win a bonus of $50


The contest was created to answer this question, “How can youth take charge in ending the HIV epidemic by 2030?” LetsStopAIDS empowers youth by asking them to submit ideas to help in the quest to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030. The mentorship will include consultation with specialists in HIV advocacy and UN sustainable development goals. The first-place winner will receive a $1000 microgrant and $500 in prize money and mentorship to bring their idea to life. The second and third-place winners will receive a mystery prize.


“The Winning Seed contest invites youth to submit thoughtful and creative ideas that can be turned into impactful projects. Proposals can vary from starting a youth club to designing an app, launching an awareness campaign to advocate through music and the arts. Your innovative proposal may be the next big thing that changes how people think about and respond to HIV,” says Shamin Mohamed Jr., founder and president, LetsStopAIDS. “The Winning Seed is an opportunity for youth to learn and develop project management and leadership skills while contributing positively to their community.” 


The finalists will present their ideas during Youth-HIV Week from April 10-14, and the first-place winner is announced that week. LetsStopAIDS will also reveal the project created by last year’s winner, Carly Gregory and her contribution to transforming the HIV landscape in her community.


“My advice to anyone thinking of applying to The Winning Seed is: If you have an idea, no matter how small, just submit it,” says Carly Gregory, The Winning Seed Winner 2022. “It might be intimidating, but you never know the impact you might make.”


For more information and details on how to apply visit

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