How To Work With An InfluencerHow To Work With An Influencer | Kendra Rosychuk

How To Work With An Influencer | Kendra Rosychuk

We’re back with our How to Work with an Influencer series and we’re honoured to spotlight Kendra Rosychuk (@kendrajessie). A self-described creator, dancer, model and fitness trainer, Kendra produces engaging wellness content centred around her Cree identity. Her Instagram page hosts an impressive collection of topics encouraging her followers to move, think and live freely.

Kendra caught our eye with her bold approach to tough conversations. Against the rigid constraints of most Instagram pages, Kendra’s feed feels shockingly authentic – an ode to her myriad interests. We reached out to find out more about her approach to influencing, and her thoughts on the topics that matter most to her.

We like to debunk the myth that “influencer” is a dirty word. What does being influential mean to you? What is the personal mandate you’re trying to accomplish through your content?

Being influential means to use the gifts that you were given and share that with the world. We all have different skills and abilities that nobody else in the world can offer, so it’s our purpose to figure out what we were sent here to do with those skills. I believe when we do this, we have influence and we inspire others to do the same. 

On Instagram, you have a growing following of over 53K. How would you define your audience?

Well, according to my analytics, 75 per cent of my following is self-identifying women, but I definitely feel like I’ve built an online community of supportive, uplifting people who align with my message and what I have to share on wellness, healing, culture, education. 

Wellness plays a large role in your life and content. How do you check in on your own wellness?

I approach wellness with a long-term perspective and often remind myself that wellness is a practice, not a program. It’s about what I’m doing consistently and doing things that nurture and support each aspect of your health — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. When you work on all aspects, you find balance. It’s important for my wellness to spend time alone to reflect and recharge.

Kendra Rosychuk working out

What is an opportunity you’re most grateful for as a result of having a platform?

I have a lot but I want to mention speaking at a virtual youth conference from my home territory in Treaty 8, receiving products from Nike N7, and just building a beautiful and supportive community that allows me to do what I do. 

Which brands are on your dream collab wishlist and why?

I am actually very selective with brands as I try to only work with brands that align with my lifestyle, that are sustainable, or allow me to tell a story. 

Kendra Rosychuk in regalia

Who are a few influencers you admire?

My partner James Jones, Tia Wood, Kairyn Potts, Shayla Stonechild. 

What’s one thing you want to educate your followers about Cree culture? 

There’s this Cree word, “Miyo Pimatisowin,” which means to live your life in a good way. That’s what I try to do, I try to live that Miyo Pimatisowin through taking care of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 



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