Speaking to MediaSpeaking to Media | Aleesha Harris, arts and life editor, Vancouver Sun

Speaking to Media | Aleesha Harris, arts and life editor, Vancouver Sun

Next up in our Speaking to Media series is Aleesha Harris. As an arts and life editor for the Vancouver Sun and National Post, it’s likely you’ve seen her work covering all things lifestyle, beauty, food, and fashion. From tips on the latest cosmetics to reviewing our favourite restaurants, Aleesha does it all.

We spoke to Aleesha about her journey as an arts and life editor, her favourite topics to write about, and how to get attention-grabbing pitches.

What inspired you to pursue journalism?

I’ve always loved writing, and after meeting a particularly inspirational teacher in high school who steered me toward the field, I decided to pursue journalism at University. 

How did you develop your voice? 

Practice, practice and more practice. I still look back at articles I’ve written from a decade ago and think, ‘I could have done that differently.’ But, in my opinion, to be a good writer, you have to be open to the process of evolving your voice. 

You have covered countless Canadian businesses over the years. What is your most memorable story? 

I’ve been fortunate to tell the story of many Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs throughout my career — big and small. Rather than point to one in particular, I’d say I’m proudest of being able to be a part of the early stages of a small business; helping, in a small way, someone to pursue their dream. 

Your IG and Twitter bio says you’re probably online shopping right now. How do you discover new products and brands?

On social media, online, in boutiques and through publications. I love seeing what’s out there. 

What retail industry innovations are on your radar right now? 

I’m curious to see how brands will continue connecting virtual and physical retail experiences. I still love shopping in-store, and online, so it will be interesting to see how the two evolve to complement one another in the future.  

What content currently trends most with your readership?

Throughout the various media outlets that I write for, I find there’s an interest in a mix of brand features, fashion news briefs and trend-based, shoppable content.  

As an editor, your inbox must be filled with pitches. What makes a pitch stand out to you? 

A personalized pitch addressed to me and targeted towards my market or coverage area always earns a read from me. I look at everything that lands in my inbox, and I try to keep an open mind with pitches, but it helps when there’s been an effort made to connect with some personalization. 


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