Hania KuzbariGet your e-commerce holiday-ready

Get your e-commerce holiday-ready

Matte PR is proud to be a Shopify partner. We work with our clients to build beautiful e-commerce sites, each sharing a brand’s unique story. This year, we’re working with luxury fine jewelry brand Hania Kuzbari, adapting its online store to the virtual world we’re living in right now.  

It’s never been more vital to switch gears and create channels for digital sales. With the holiday season approaching, and consumer behaviour seeing a shift towards considerate shopping, it’s time to edit your Shopify platform accordingly. 

Matte PR is currently offering a complimentary hour-long consultation to equip businesses with the information needed to get them through this busy season. Until then, here are some quick tips to get you prepared. 


Virtual Appointments

Hania Kuzbari is offering one-on-one styling appointments to help customers discover new fine jewelry favourites in a personalized format. URL is the new IRL, so providing personal engagements is necessary! The video-call sessions allow customers to have a deeper understanding of each precious piece and feel confident in their purchase, while getting a touch of VIP treatment.

Virtual appointments provide brands the opportunity to develop personal relationships with its customers through digital face-to-face contact.


Hania Kuzbari Matte PR Shopify Virtual Appointment


Holiday Lookbooks

E-commerce can be difficult for customers who want to get a feel for how they would use the product. Cue the holiday lookbook! They go a long way when appealing to online shoppers, and allow you to get creative!

A digital lookbook allows you to display your product in a unique way to capture your brand’s story. It also gives the customer a better idea of how they would wear or use the product without being able to test it IRL.


Gift Guides

Quick, easy and accessible advice is invaluable to the 2020 consumer. Curating lists tailored to specific styles, needs or seasons means that customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for without having to spend hours scrolling. 

Including information on each product and offering playful advice also helps your customer to make up their mind, speeding up the path to purchase! 


Hania Kuzbari Fine Jewelry Matte PR Holiday Gifts


Generate Buzz

Generate buzz on your social media platforms and share what your Shopify site has to offer. Social media is what will likely draw your customer to your shop, meaning you should provide them with a seamless and cohesive experience from start to finish. 

To talk in-depth with us about how you can revamp your Shopify, shoot an email to hello@mattepr.com


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