Apr 11, 2017

Matte PR announces representation of leading Executive Presence Training firm Corporate Class Inc.

Executive Presence

Corporate Class Inc. has selected Matte PR to spearhead the launch of its new White Paper, by president and founder, Diane Craig titled ‘7 Business Benefits of Executive Presence Training’. The White Paper reveals insights into the business benefits of Executive Presence Training gathered over a 30 year career working with C-Suite executives, high-profile political figures, top-tier sales professionals and high-level university graduates. Corporate Class Inc. is recognized as a global leader in Executive Presence, Leadership Presence and Board Presence. Matte PR will work with Corporate Class Inc. to implement a Canadian public relations program, including media relations, strategic counsel and influencer relations.

“We were impressed with Matte PR’s insightful understanding of our target audience and Matte PR’s grasp of the underlying significance and benefits of executive presence training. Matte PR’s collaborative approach to a working relationship with Corporate Class reflects our client alliance strategy,” said Diane Craig, president & founder, Corporate Class Inc. “The turning point was the realization that we would work directly with Heidi Ruggier. Heidi’s vibrant enthusiasm, coupled with her extensive background and PR expertise confirmed our decision. Matte PR’s roll-out for CCI includes both traditional and digital PR channels.

Diane Craig is an expert at helping organizations and individuals make strategic micro-improvements that have a drastic effect on their professional development. The company firmly believes that Executive Presence is neither exclusive nor elusive, and achieves results by helping clients develop skills in areas relating to building relationships, office politics, reputation management, leadership qualities, making effective presentations, personal coaching, mentorship, career development, choosing a career, business networking, working a room, business dining, personal branding and professional attire.

“Companies want to attract and retain the best. We’ve seen firsthand how Diane Craig and her team can transform an individual’s trajectory through their Executive Presence, Leadership Presence and Board Presence training,” said Heidi Ruggier, president, Matte PR. “This public relations campaign is an opportunity for Matte PR to drive a conversation around the business benefits of Executive Presence Training, using a strategic approach to generate brand awareness for Corporate Class, as well as share the corporate world’s best kept secret, Diane Craig. Her extensive client list is a testament to her expertise.”

The Corporate Class White Paper is now available. Click here to download your copy.


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