Nadia George

Actor, Public Speaker and Indigenous rights & Youth Advocate


Nadia George is an Award Winning Mi’kmaq First Nations-Canadian Actor, Public Speaker and Indigenous rights & Youth Advocate.

She presently sits on the Board for the Child Welfare PAC, advocating for positive outcomes for youth aging out of care. Nadia is also an active Ambassador with the Influencers Motivate Organization, which works collaboratively with Public Figures and Influencers to shed light around Mental Health and well-being in Communities through art, teaching, and theatre.

An advocate for conscious, cruelty-free beauty, Nadia has also partnered with brands like Cheekbone Beauty & Sappho Cosmetics.

In the entertainment world, she is best known for her role as ‘Jolene’ in the compelling Short Film Her Water Drum (2018); for which she garnered the Award for “Achievement in Acting” at the 2018 Los Angeles Skinsfest Film Festival.

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